History of Mt. Pleasant

In the month of April 1831, a small band of Christians heeding the command of God, "Go, ye, therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" organized a small church on Little Bog Creek, Aiken County.  The first meeting place was a brush arbor that served the people until a structure of 20' x 30' was built in 1834.  The site was a little knoll from which the church derived the name of Mount Pleasant.   This little band of people held services once a month.  They met on Saturday afternoon preceding the Sunday Services for church conference, attended to all church business and returned on Sunday for worship.

After receiving a track of land measuring 3 acres on February 28, 1853, the church was moved from Bog Creek to the new site at Bear Creek.  Mt. Pleasant shared a pastor with Bethel Baptist Church and held yearly revivals bringing in much spiritual growth to the communities.  Soon, Mt. Pleasant and Bethel agreed to improve their program and hold services twice a month.  This brought about even greater growth and the need for a larger sanctuary.  In 1907, the building which was twice moved and remodeled, was moved the third time across the road to the present site.  The remodeling was accomplished in 1918.  Eventually the indoor baptistery was was added, prior to this baptism was conducted in the creek beyond the cemetery at the foot of the hill.

By the end of the first 100 years, Mt. Pleasant shared a Pastor with Phillipi Baptist Church and made this their first indefinite call of a Pastor.  In years past, they had called a Pastor yearly.  The church had grown by this time to accomadate a congregation of 325 with an enrollment of 162 for Sunday School.  There were services every Sunday and a lively WMU with organizations of Sunbeams, G.A.s and R.A.s properly functioning.

Jumping way ahead some 75 years, Mt. Pleasant is still an effective witness to our community with worship services on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings.  We also offer Bible teaching classes each Wednesday called "Christian Life University".  All services are attended by a wide age range of people eager to learn and grow together in Christ. We are currently searching for the next Pastor God has for Mt. Pleasant.  We know that God is faithful and we will continue to trust Him to bless our efforts.

We have just this past year celebrated 175 years of "Sharing God's Salvation" and going strong to reach the next generation and beyond.  We invite all to be a part of our family and share in this Salvation that comes from Jesus alone.


Last Published: May 3, 2007 11:33 AM
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